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Nooses, snares and lasso's.

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The Noose in General

WARNING!! The noose is not a knot to play hangman with. Too many accidents already killed children who thought they could release it in time. Even not strong pulled nooses can be dangerous round your neck.

There are three basic ways to make a noose. The first way is running the 'tail' of rope through a fixed loop on the end of that same rope. This may be a spliced-loop or a knotted-loop like the bowline. (In fact the bowline is used very often as the running loop by sailors.) The simple noose itself is used as a running knot for swift running loops.

The second way to make a noose is to tie a running knot (a simple knot or hitch) round the standing part of the rope in a way that pulling on the knot-side closes the loop. This is the most common way for making nooses. It makes the loop to close almost as easy as a noose using a fixed loop as a running knot.

The third way is to tie a running knot in a way that pulling the knot is opening the loop. I only know one practical application for this way of tieing this noose: for tying the rope to a yo yo, with the eight as running knot. But in packing bags and loads you will find it sometimes as an intermediate loop. It is also often the result of tying the running knot the wrong way.
The noose on the WEB.

The Simple Noose

This is the simplest of the nooses. Its used mostly as a base for further work. It is a close relative of the overhand-knot and the Marline Hitch or Single Hitch If used as noose it is best to add an overhand-knot in the end. This noose is used as a poor snare for catching small birds.
The noose on the WEB.

The Strangle-Snare

The strangle-knot is an excellent knot to be used a running knot for a snare. The pull is easy adjustable. The more force is applied from inside the loop the more firmly the running knot prevents opening of the loop.
The Strangle-Snare on the WEB.

The Scaffold knot or Gallows Knot.

The third noose is based on the the Multifold-Overhand-knot. As its second name already suggests it has a dark history.
It is also used as a knot to tie angling-rods to fishline.

Never play hangman. It can really kill.
The Scaffold knot or Gallows Knot the WEB.

The Hangman's Knot.

This knot is used for the gallows-tree as well. The force to close it is adjusted better than with the gallows knot. And because it is bigger in the neck it is believed to break the neck more easy. That would make it more mercy-full as the gallows-knot which kills by strangeling.
The Hangman is also used as a knot to tie angles to fishline.

Never play hangman. It can really kill.
The Hangman's Knot the WEB.

The Reverse Eight-noose.

This is (so far) the only 'wrong' running noose I know applications for. It to tie a package and ... for tieing YoYo's. Experts use one loop to make it possible to let the yoyo spin on the end and to call it up with a little firm pull. The yoyo has to spin fast and the noose has to be trimmed carefully.
Starters use two loops and tie it firmly.
Use eventually an overhand-knot on the cross-marked ends.
(This is not the best way to fasten your YoYo. If you want to use the best thechnique   you have to un-twine a line with two yarns and re-twine one of the yarns by doubling it with the YoYo in the middle. Free-spinning the YoYo my wear out the loop.) The Reverse Eight-noose the WEB.


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