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Celtci Bibbliography


The Ashley Book of Knots
Cover By: Clifford W. Ashley
Buy on Amazon
Faber and Faber,
London & Boston.
ISBN: 0-385-04025-4

The book on knots. About 3800 different knots, 7000 drawings. It covers almost every practical knot and gives clear instructions on how to tie them. It gives some history from the knots and tells you where the author found them. =

The Basic Essentials of KNOTS FOR THE OUTDOORS
Cover By: Cliff Jacobson 	Buy on Amazon

Publisher: ICS Books
ISBN: 0-934802-57-2

Is unusual, if not unique, in having knot-tying instructions for lefthanders as well as righthanders. =

The Book of Outdoor Knots
Cover By: Owen, Peter 	Buy on Amazon
Publisher: Lyons & Burford
ISBN: 1-55821-225-6

This book illustrates in a simple handbook format seventy of the most common knots for the outdoors. =

Celtic Ropework
Cover By: Iain Bain 	Buy
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., New York
ISBN: 0-8069-8638-7


The Essential Knot Book
Cover By: Colin Jarman 	Buy
Publisher: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press, A Division of the McGraw-Hill Companies
ISBN: 0-87742-221-4

Here are the 43 most important knots and splices you need to use aboard your boat. =

History and Science of Knots
Cover By: J C Turner & P van de Griend 	Buy
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 981-02-2469-9

This book brings together twenty essays on various topics in the history and science of knots. It is divided into five parts, which deal respectively with knots in prehistory and antiquity, non-European traditions, working knots, the developing science of knots, and decorative and other aspects of knots. =

How to Rock Climb, Knots for Climbers
Cover By: Luebben, Craig 	Buy
Publisher: Chockstone Press
ISBN: 0-934641-58-7

This book is from the popular series on How to Rock Climb. In this book you will find detailed information with illustrations on the most popular knots used by rock climbers. A chapter in the book is also devoted to some of the equipment used by rock climbers. =

The Klutz Book of Knots
Cover By: John Cassidy
Publisher: %%
ISBN: %%


Knots and Lines Illustrated
By: Paul Snyder 	Buy
Publisher: %%
ISBN: %%


Knots and Splices
Cover By: Jeff Toghill 	Buy
Publisher: Fernhurst Books, Duke's Pat
ISBN: 0 906754 11 9

A booklet on all the common knots and splices with their uses and applications.
I got complaints having this book on my page. The first edition should contain too much errors. =

The Marlinespike Sailor
Cover By: Hervey Garret Smith 	Buy
Publisher: International Marine, division of McGraw-Hill, Inc.
ISBN: 0-87742-412-8

A reprinted/revised version of a popular book on knots. With sections on basic knot tieing, decorative rope-work, canvas-work and wood carvings. =

The morrow guide to Knots
Cover By: Mario Bigon, Guido Regazzoni 	Buy
Publisher: William Morrow Company, New York
ISBN: 0-668-01225-4 (paper) 0-668-01225-6


Rigger's Locker
Cover By: Brion Tos 	Buy
Publisher: International Marine
ISBN: 0-87742-961-8


Rope Works
Cover By: Gerald L. Findley 	Rope Works
Publisher: Gerald L. Findley
ISBN: ????????

A book of knots, hitches, splicing, lashing and rope making. Whether for scouting or for outdoors recreation, you will learn to tie knots with confidence. =

Symmetric Bends How to Join Two Lengths of Cord
Cover By: Roger E Miles 	Buy

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.
ISBN: 981-02-2194-0

Sufficiency: The Elementary Symmetric Bends; Necessity: Geometry and Planar Representations; Topological Considerations and a Theorem; Practical Considerations and Triple Symmetry; Sixty Symmetric Bends (Includes 16-page colour section); Miscellany; How to Invent Symmetric Bends. =

World's Best Fishermans's KNOT BOOK
Cover By: Bill Nelson 	Buy
Publisher: ????
ISBN: ????

This is a pocket size, waterproof, tearproof book that shows the 11 knots and 5 loops every fly fisherman needs to know. =

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